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Real Life with Celiac Disease: Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free

Your celiac patients will learn how to get an accurate diagnosis, when to get family members screened, the pitfalls of and solutions for a gluten-free life, how to monitor their health and head off the myriad complications and celiac-related health issues and more.

Here's where the rubber meets the road. This well-organized, comprehensive book shares the stories of real-life patients who are dealing with questions and problems related to celiac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle. Topics span the broad range of gluten-related topics, including fructose intolerance, yeast overgrowth, and eating disorders. Almost 400 pages are packed with good sense, solid information and trustworthy advice to help you successfully navigate life with celiac disease.

—Living Without magazine, Dec/Jan 2011

This is the perfect reference for questions regarding celiac disease, such as recognizing symptoms, finding hidden gluten, testing for celiac disease, monitoring your diet and so on. Two of the world's leading experts, authors Melinda Dennis, MS, RD and Daniel Leffler, MD, assembled an all-star cast of 50 international experts who cover the topic thoroughly. Most importantly, the authors show you how to not just live, but how to thrive on a gluten-free diet. Everyone should have this excellent book at hand.

—Carol Fenster, author of the award-winning 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes

Real Life with Celiac Disease is a great resource for those with celiac disease. It is crammed full of excellent, evidence-based information on celiac disease by leading professionals in the field. The topical order of the chapters make it easy to locate information of interest. It is a must have book!

—Lynn Cicero, MS, RD

About the Author

Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN
Diagnosed with celiac disease 20 years ago, Melinda is now the nutrition coordinator and a founding member of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Melinda is the author of several journal articles and has lectured nationally on the nutritional management of celiac disease and optimizing nutritional health. She serves on the American Dietetic Association's Evidence Analysis Library Task Force for Celiac Disease and on the American Gastroenterological Association Press Advisory Board.

She is the founder, former chairperson, and current nutrition advisor to the Healthy Villi Greater Boston Celiac/DH Support Group, the nation's largest celiac disease-related support group. Melinda offers dietitian coaching, lecturing, consulting, gluten-free classes, shopping tours, and health adventure retreats for those following the gluten-free diet through her nutrition consulting service Delete the Wheat, LLC.

Daniel A. Leffler, MD
Daniel A. Leffler, MD, MS, is the director of clinical research and also a founding member of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Leffler has spearheaded multiple studies evaluating clinical outcomes in celiac disease and investigating potential therapies for celiac disease and leads initiatives to improve patient care. His current focus is clinical and translational research in celiac disease, including factors that influence dietary adherence; clinical outcomes in celiac disease; development of novel noninvasive tests of celiac disease activity; and creation of disease-specific survey tools to assess diet adherence, symptoms, and quality of life.

He lectures on both research aspects and clinical care of celiac disease nationally and internationally and has published numerous articles and book chapters on celiac disease. Dr. Leffler serves as a medical advisor to both the Healthy Villi and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Dr. Leffler is also active in medical education at Harvard Medical School, where he has received recognition for excellence in tutoring and mentoring.

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