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AGA Postgraduate Course Features 25 Breakout Sessions

Feb. 9, 2016

Register for the 2016 course and learn critical updates in six general sessions, plus your choice of one luncheon breakout and one clinical challenge session.

When you register for the 2016 AGA Postgraduate Course: Cognitive and Technical Skills for the Gastroenterologist you don’t only get to attend six general sessions, but can also choose one luncheon breakout and one clinical challenge session.

The focused, small-group sessions listed below allow you to delve deeper into specific clinical topics and provide direct access to internationally renowned faculty. 

The 2016 course is set for May 21 and 22, 2016, in conjunction with Digestive Disease Week® (DDW). This one-and-a-half day course is designed to be a rapid way to learn critical updates in 2016. You will learn, and take home, the newest advances that will help you make confident decisions for your patients.

Visit the AGA website to view the entire program agenda and learn more about this year’s course. If you are already registered for DDW 2016, but would like to add this course, simply log in to the DDW Registration Resource Center to update.

  Luncheon Breakouts
L101 All You Need to Know about Bleeding for Your Patients 
L102 Digital Health and Social Media for the Gastroenterologist 
L103 Doctor, I Need Help! My Gluten Free Diet Does Not Work? 
L104 Fatty Liver Disease: What to Offer Beyond "Diet and Exercise" 
L105 Role of POEM for Esophageal Motor Disorders
L106 Evaluating Obscure Bleeding: Capsule, Enteroscopy and Beyond
L107 Hepatitis C: Update on the Treatment Guidelines
L108 How to Treat the Refractory Microscopic Colitis Patient
L109 New Tools to Stage Liver Disease: Is Liver Biopsy Gone Forever? 
L110 Ph, Manometry, and Impedance — When and Why
L111 The Lumpy Liver: Sorting Out the Lumps, Nodules and Masses
L112 Work-Up of Abnormal Liver Tests: New Diseases to Add to the Differential


  Clinical Challenge Sessions
C101 Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopic Therapy  A Right-Sized Update for Gastroenterologists
C102 Barretts — Improving Detection, Ablation, EMR Prasad Iyer
C103 Detecting Polyps and Removing Them All 
C104 Esophageal Disorders Exotic and Not so Exotic
C105 GI Bleeding = An Endoscopist Toolbox and Antithrombotic Agents
C106 Hepatitis C: Focusing on "Difficult to Cure" Patients
C107 Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Case Challenges and Treatment Approaches
C108 Managing the Complicated IBS Patient Think Outside the Box
C109 Managing the Pregnant IBD Patient
C110 Outpatient Management of Cirrhosis Complications
C111 Surveillance of Colorectal Dysplasia and Cancer in IBD: Case Studies
C112 The Refractory Pediatric IBD Patient: How to Treat?
C113 Upcoming/Alternative Therapies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


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