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Just Announced: AGA Drug Development Conference

May 11, 2016

Register by Sept. 16 to take advantage of early registration discounts.

The AGA Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics (CDT) is proud to announce the launch of the first annual AGA Drug Development Conference: Clinical Endpoints in Upper GI Disorders. The conference will take place Oct. 27-28 in Washington, DC, and will focus on facilitating the development of new medicines and biomarkers for upper GI disorders.

Disorders of the upper GI tract, such as GERD, eosinophilic esophagitis, gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia, are growing in prevalence in the U.S. However, with the exception of GERD, these disorders currently have limited therapeutic options available to patients. Some of the challenges relate to clinicians’ difficulty in making an accurate diagnosis, since many upper GI disorders have overlapping symptoms.

Others relate to the design and conduct of clinical trials, where relevant outcomes are difficult to define or measure, and regulatory issues, where there may not be consensus on valid clinical trial endpoints.

Join fellow researchers, clinicians, policy makers, industry personnel and patient advocates to discuss where we are now and what the future holds for the diagnosis and treatment of upper GI disorders.

Register by Sept.16 to take advantage of early registration discounts. To learn more, visit ddc.gastro.org.

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