2018-04-19 19:24:48 UTC

New FDA alert on endoscope connectors

April 19, 2018

FDA issues new warning about the risk of cross-contamination with certain connectors used in GI endoscopy.

If you use endoscope connectors in your practice, you’ll want to proceed with caution. FDA has issued new guidance alerting health care provides to avoid use of all endoscope connectors that are labeled for use with multiple patients over the course of 24 hours without reprocessing.

The AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology encourages all GIs to follow this guidance to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. AGA is committed to ensuring zero device-associated infections. By following this new guidance on endoscope connectors, GIs can better protect the safety of their patients.

Endoscope connectors are small accessories used to connect the auxiliary water channel of flexible GI endoscopes to a water source and irrigation tubing.

To mitigate the risk of cross-contamination and possible infection between patients, FDA encourages health care providers and facilities to use single-use endoscope connectors with backflow prevention features. FDA notes that reusable endoscope connectors with backflow prevention features are also acceptable, as long as they are reprocessed according to their instructions for use prior to each patient procedure.

For more information, review the full FDA safety alert.